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Unit Test _Volcanoes

Quiz by Liz Go

Grade 9
Philippines Curriculum: Grades 1-10

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30 questions
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  • Q1

    It forms when a part of the wall collapses following an explosive eruption.




    Fissure vent

  • Q2

    It is the most active volcano in the Philippine. 





  • Q3

    Which is the characteristic of an active volcano?

    Its lava is very hot

    Its lava is very viscous

    It has no record of eruption

    It has a record of eruption 

  • Q4

    Which of these types has the most violent volcanic eruption?





  • Q5

    Which of the following comparative experiment can help you understand the concept of  the viscosity of the lava? 

    Determine the boiling point of distilled and tap water

    Time the evaporation rate of acetone and alcohol

    Compare the weights of sand and soil

    Pour the syrup slowly and cooking oil at the same time .

  • Q6

     Which volcanic characteristic that magma emission can affect with?





  • Q7

     How does magma’s temperature affect the magma’s vicosity?

    When the temperature increases the viscosity increases.

    When the temperature decreases the viscosity increases and then decreases 

    When the temperature increases the viscosity decreases.

    When the temperature decreases the viscosity decreases

  • Q8

    How does magma keep its fluid state under Earth’s crust?

    due to age and temperature

    due to age and size

    due to temperature and gases

    due to temperature and pressure

  • Q9

    Why is geothermal energy considered renewable?



    There is an inadequate supply of its source

    There is an unlimited supply of its source

    It causes greenhouse gases

    It can be used anywhere n the world.

  • Q10

    Why is the Philippines rich in geothermal energy? Because it is ______

     located along the Ring of Fire

    Located in Asia

    Located near the  equator

    Located in tropical region

  • Q11

    Which is NOT the benefit of a volcano to the community?


     It provides fertile soil       

    Its ash is used for making medicine

    It is a good side for a geothermal plant

    It gives beautiful scenery

  • Q12

    It determines the nature of the eruption of a volcano EXCEPT one.

    chemical composition

    age and location

    magma's temperature

    amount of gases dissolved

  • Q13

    Which of these locations is NOT suitable for extraction of geothermal Energy

    near the location of the volcanoes

    near the Earth boundaries

    at the top of the mountain

    places with presence of hot springs

  • Q14

    What is the correct energy transformation in the utilization of geothermal energy? 

    Question Image

    Mechanical energy -------- >  Kinetic energy  --------- > Thermal energy 

    Kinetic energy --------> Mechanical energy ---------> Thermal energy

    Thermal energy ------> Mechanical energy --------> Electrical energy

    Mechanical energy -------> Thermal energy ---------- Electrical energy

  • Q15

    Which statement is TRUE about Rhyolitic Magma?

    They have the highest temperature and very viscous

    They are not viscous and have the highest temperature

    They are not viscous  and have the lowest temperature

    They have the lowest  temperature but very  viscous 


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