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Unit1_Present Perfect vs. Simple Past

Quiz by gela aziz

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15 questions
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  • Q1

    Can I talk to Mr. Smith?

    Sorry, ..............

    he's gone.

    he has went home.

    he have gone.

  • Q2

    Have you every eaten Italian food?

    Yes, I've eaten pizza several times.

    No. I haven't never.

    Yes, I've eat pasta twice.

  • Q3

    My grandson ....... to school yesterday.

    haven't gone

    hasn't gone

    didn't go

  • Q4

    Have you called your niece ............?


    last week

    on Monday

  • Q5

    Don't let him drive!......

    He drunk lots of alcohol.

    He's drunk lots of alcohol.

    He hasn't drunk alcohol.

  • Q6

    How about sea food?

    Actually, ..............

    We had fish last night.

    We eaten fish for lunch.

    We never eaten fish.

  • Q7

    Can you travel alone?

    Of course. I've traveled alone .......

     several times.


    last year.

  • Q8

    You look familiar. Haven't we met somewhere before?

    No. We didn't meet before.

    Yes. We've met last year.

    Right. We met at the party.

  • Q9

    Long time, no see.


    How have you been?

    How are you been?

    How have you?

  • Q10

    Have you seen a good film recently?

    Yes, ....

    I'll seen Moon tonight.

    I've seen Moon on Friday.

    I saw Moon in the evening.

  • Q11

    Sarah can't play with her friends, because she ...........her homework.

    didn't finish

    haven't finished 

    hasn't finished 

  • Q12

    You don't need to go shopping today because  dad....

    bought everything yesterday.

    has bought everything yesterday.

    hasn't bought anything.

  • Q13

    Why didn't you invite John to the party?

    Because ..............

    he hasn't never invited me.

    he didn't invited me.

    he's never invited me.

  • Q14

    Have you ever been to Africa?

    I've been there every year.

    I went there in 2015.

    I've never go there.

  • Q15

    Let's go to a restaurant tonight.


    I've make dinner.

    I didn't made dinner.

    I haven't made dinner.


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