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Unity - Create with Code - Unit 1 Review

Quiz by Kelly Herbert

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Which Unity window contains a list of all the game objects currently in your scene?

    Scene view

    Project window



  • Q2

    True or False: Visual Studio is not a part of Unity. You could use a different code editor to edit your C# scripts if you wanted to.



  • Q3

    What best describes the difference between the below images, where the car is in the second image is further along the road?

    Question Image

    The second car’s X location value is higher than the first car’s

    The second car’s Y location value is higher than the first car’s

    The second car’s Z location value is higher than the first car’s

    The second car’s Transform value is higher than the first car’s.

  • Q4

    In what order do you put the words when you are

    declaring a new variable?

    Question Image

    [data type] [access modifier]

    [variable value] [variable name]

    [access modifier] [data type]

    [variable name] [variable value]

    [data type] [access modifier]

    [variable name] [variable value]

    [variable name] [data type]

    [access modifier] [variable value]

  • Q5

    Which of the following variables would be visible in the Inspector?

    Question Image



    speed & turnSpeed

    horizontalInput & forwardInput

  • Q6

    What is a possible value for the horizontalInput variable?

    Question Image





  • Q7

    What is true about the following two lines of code?

    Question Image

    They will both move an object the same distance

    They will both move an object in the same direction

    They will both move an object along the same axis

    They will both rotate an object, but along different axes

  • Q8

    Which of the following lines of code is using standard Unity naming conventions?

    Question Image

    Line A

    Line B

    Line C

    Line D

  • Q9

    Which comment would best describe the code below?

    Question Image

    // Rotates around the Y axis based on left/right arrow keys

    // Rotates around the Z axis based on up/down arrow keys

    // Rotates in an upward direction based on left/right arrow keys

    // Moves object up/down based on the the left/right arrow keys

  • Q10

    The image below shows the preferences window that allows you to change which script editing tool (or IDE) you want to use. Where would you click to choose an alternative code editing tool?

    Question Image

    The red box (External Script Editor)

    The blue box (Image application)

    The green box (Revision control Diff/Merge)


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