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Quiz by Angela Peña

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    I wasn't thirsty. I didn't drink the lemonade.
    If I was thirsty, I would drink the lemonade
    If I thirsty, I drink the lemonade.
    If I had been thirsty, I would've drunk the lemonade.
    If I would have been thirsty, I drank the lemonade
  • Q2
    I am really hungry now. I didn't have any breakfast.
    If I would had had some breakfast, I wouldn't be hungry now.
    If I had had some breakfast, I wouldn't be hungry now
    If I had some breakfast, I wouldn't be hungry now.
  • Q3
    I didn't know Kirsty was in town. I didn't call her.
    I had called Kirsty if I had know she was in town
    I would had called Kirsty if I have known she was in town
    If I had known Kirsty was in town, I would have called her
  • Q4
    If he........ them, they ....... said "no".
    had asked/will have
    has asked/will
    had asked/would have
  • Q5
    If she.......... the bus, she .......... late.
    hadn't missed/wouldn't have been
    missed/ wouldn't have been
    had missed/wouldn't have been
  • Q6
    What would you have done if he .... got hurt?
  • Q7
    I.......... sued you if you ....... struck my face.
    will have/had had
    would have/ had
    would have/have
  • Q8
    You`d have caught your flight if you........... on time
    will leave
    had left
  • Q9
    The police ......... the thief if they.............earlier.
    would have caught – had arrived
    will catch – had arrived
    would catch – arrived
  • Q10
    If he ........... late, he`d have found out the truth.
    would have arrived
    would arrive
    hadn`t arrived
  • Q11
    What's the correct form?
    If I went to Paris ,I could visit to the Louvre.
    all of them
    If I had gone to Paris, I could have visited the Louvre
  • Q12
    She ....... if you......... that.
    wouldn`t have left – said
    wouldn`t have left – would say
    wouldn`t have left – hadn`t said
  • Q13
    If he......... to work last night, he would have helped do the project.
    didn`t have
    hadn`t had
    hadn`t have
  • Q14
    I wouldn`t mind going to the movies if I............. it already.
    will have see
    hadn`t seen
    Had seen
  • Q15
    He was wrong to drive so fast.
    He shouldn't to have driven so fast.
    He ought to have driven so fast.
    He shouldn't have driven so fast.

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