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Unrest and Revolt in Texas

Quiz by Coach Edwards

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  • Q1
    What event is next and will complete the timeline?
    Question Image
    Resolutions of Turtle Bayou
    The Arrest of Stephen F. Austin
    Council House Fight
    Battle of San Jacinto
  • Q2
    While Stephen F. Austin was a supporter of Mexico as well as a negotiator between Texan and Mexican governments, what event changed his view?
    Arrest by Mexican officials
    His participation of the Fredonian Rebellion
    The passing of the Laws of April 6, 1830
    Mier y Teran report
  • Q3
    How did William B. Travis contribute to the Independence of Texas?
    Served as the President of the Texas Republic
    Wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence
    He lead the Texans in defending the Alamo
    Lead the Mexican Revolutionary Forces
  • Q4
    Which Texan is described by the information in the box?
    Question Image
    Jose Antonio Navarro
    Jim Bowie
    Juan Seguin
    Lorenzo De Zavala
  • Q5
    Which answer accurately describes the geographic pattern of the battles during the Texas Revolution
    Question Image
    Both armies had difficulty getting supplies because they were so far away from ports
    Both armies had to cross large mountain ranges to meet on the battle field
    Battles between the Texans and the Mexicans took place near cities
    Mexican soldiers traveled the complete distance of the Rio Grande to each battle
  • Q6
    What event took place during the Revolutionary Era in the History of Texas
    Mapping of the Texas Coast
    Siege of the Alamo
    Settlement of Nacogdoches
    Council House Fight
  • Q7
    The Battle of San Jacinto has been celebrated by Texans because it led to the -
    Loss of Goliad
    Santa Anna's surrender
    The death of William B. Travis
    The defeat of Sam Houston's troops
  • Q8
    What was the main purpose of the Law of April 6, 1830?
    To block Mexicans from settling TX
    To Prevent TX from declaring independence from Mexico
    To stop immigration from the US to Texas
    To end trade between Texas and Mexico
  • Q9
    Who was the Texas leader that surrendered at the Battle of Coleto Creek and was then executed with his soldiers at the Goliad Massacre?
    William Travis
    Lorenzo de Zavala
    James Fannin
    Sam Houston
  • Q10
    Why did the Battle of Gonzales contribute to the success of the Texas Revolution
    It motivated the United States to support the independence of Texas.
    It demonstrated that few people could resist the superior military strength of the Mexican army.
    It showed the Mexican government that the Texas army was well armed and equipped.
    This battle proved to Texans that the Mexican army could be defeated and independence could be achieved.
  • Q11
    Why did delegates meet in March of 1836 on Washington-on-the-Brazos to do?
    To create a plan to defend the Alamo
    To design the “Come and Take It” flag
    To negotiate a peace settlement with the United States
    To establish an independent government
  • Q12
    The State Colonization Laws of 1825, New Anglo Settlers out number Mexican Residents, Mier y Teran's report - What did these events let most directly to -
    Arrest of Stephen F. Austin
    Fredonian Revolt
    Turtle Bayou Resolution
    Law of April 6, 1830
  • Q13
    What event of the Texas Revolution was this quote referring to?
    Question Image
    Battle of Gonzales
    Battle of San Jacinto
    Goliad Massacre
    Runaway Scrape
  • Q14
    Which battle of the Texas Revolution is related to the 'Come And Take It' flag and why?
    Gonzales – the Mexican army was taunting the Texans because Mexico had all of the cannons.
    Goliad – the Mexican army was taunting the Texans because Mexico had all of the cannons.
    Gonzales – the Texans were taunting the Mexicans because the Texans had a cannon and they started the Texas Revolution
    Goliad – the Texans were taunting the Mexicans because Texans had a cannon and they started the Texas Revolution
  • Q15
    Which major battle of the Texas Revolution lasted 18 minutes and had geography and timing that impacted the end result of the final battle?
    San Jacinto

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