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US Ch 3 (Multiple Choice and Completion)

Quiz by Cheri Workman

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  • Q1

    Why did the Pilgrims create the Mayflower Compact?

    to reinforce the laws of England in the new colony

    to prevent some of the colonists from voting against the leaders

    to show that they opposed representative government

    to help them govern their new colony fairly

  • Q2

    Signing the Mayflower Compact represented the second step toward self-government in the Americas. Which action represented the first?

    electing the House of Burgesses

    signing the Declaration of Independence

    labeling some people as Separatists

    forming a new Parliament

  • Q3

    Why did many enslaved African Americans flee to Spain’s Florida colony?

    They were given land if they helped defend Florida.

    They were allowed to live in Spanish towns as equals.

    They were given free religious training at the Spanish missions.

    They were given the right to vote and participate in local government.

  • Q4

    San Antonio, Texas, was originally founded in as a

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  • Q5

    Native Americans were important to keeping which type of Spanish settlement running?



    All of these


  • Q6

    What was the main reason that the Spanish established missions?

    to convert the Native Americans to Christianity

    to create centers of farming and trade

    to supervise the plazas

    to teach the Native Americans crafts

  • Q7

    By 1763, the three major Spanish settlements in the Florida colony were

    scattered about the colony.

    in the southern part of the colony.

    to supervise the plazas

    centered around forts.

  • Q8

    What was the main function of the Spanish Borderlands?

    to protect the lands of Native Americans

    to protect the lands of Native Americans

    to protect Mexico from other European powers

    to protect the trade routes into Canada

  • Q9

    What is the difference between a proprietary colony and a royal colony?

    The first is run by a king, the second by an individual.

    The first is run by an individual or family, the second by the king.

    A royal colony is larger.

    The first is run by a king, the second by a king’s family.

  • Q10

    Which Middle Colony was known as “America’s breadbasket”?

    New York


    New Jersey


  • Q11

    The Pennsylvania Dutch were actually _________________ immigrants.

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  • Q12

    Which of the following best describes New England’s climate?

    short warm summers and long snowy winters

    short mild winters and long hot summers

    long mild winters and long mild summers

    short mild winters and short mild summers

  • Q13

    Why did the Puritans leave England?

    to escape persecution by England’s king

    to freely practice their Catholic faith

    to escape those engaged in witchcraft against them

    to show their devotion to the Church of England

  • Q14

    What did Anne Hutchinson and Thomas Hooker have in common?

    Both became leaders of the Puritans in Massachusetts.

    They established new churches in Rhode Island.

    Both disagreed with Puritan leaders and left Massachusetts.

    Together, they founded Hartford, Connecticut.

  • Q15

    Who was King Philip?

    Metacom, the chief of the Wampanoag

    the Catholic bishop who founded Rhode Island

    the King of England in the mid-1600s

    the leader of the Massachusetts Puritans


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