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US Court Systems TEST

Quiz by Theresa Maluchnik

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Why was NOT having a federal court system a weakness under the Articles of Confederation?
    There was no way to solve disputes between states.
    Congress had no power to collect taxes.
    The court system was unorganized and ineffective.
    There was a weak central government.
  • Q2
    A court decides that the First Amendment permits a journalist to write an article on something the government wants to keep secret. What type of law was MOST involved in the decision?
    common law
    military law
    constitutional law
    statutory law
  • Q3
    "Any member of the armed forces who ...remains absent from his unit...with intent to remain guilty of desertion." -Art. 85 What type of law does this involve?
    Juvenile law
    Military law
    Criminal law
    Civil law
  • Q4
    Of the choices below, what may happen following a guilty verdict in a criminal case?
    A U.S. Court of Appeals retries the case.
    The defendant may appeal to a higher court.
    The criminal case becomes a civil case.
    The U.S. Supreme Court automatically reviews the case.
  • Q5
    A man enters an electronics store and points a gun at the store clerk. He demands all of the cash in the register and flees the scene with $3,600. What type of law has been violated?
    Common law
    Civil law
    Criminal law
    Military law

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