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US History Chapter 12, Lesson Two

Quiz by Jay Wilkins

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Seminole, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee
    The Five "Farming Tribes"
    The Five "Educated Tribes"
    The Five "Civilized Tribes"
    The Five "FreakyTribes"
  • Q2
    to move to another place
    bug out
    Go to school in another district
  • Q3
    most of which is now the State of Oklahoma
    Indian Territory
    Indian University
    Indian Marketplace
    Indian Reservation
  • Q4
    500 Cherokee signed to give up all land in Georgia. Many Cherokee opposed this.
    Treaty of New Alabama
    Treaty of New Echota
    Treaty of New York
    Treaty of New Oklahoma
  • Q5
    Cherokee chief who opposed the Treaty of New Echota
    Running Bear
    Sitting Bull
    John Ross
    Dances With Wolves
  • Q6
    two senators who also opposed the New Echota Treaty as unfair
    John Fulbright and Henry Clay
    Al Franken and Henry Clay
    John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay
    Daniel Webster and Henry Clay
  • Q7
    In 1838 arrived in the Cherokee Nation with 7,000 troops to remove the remaining Cherokee by force
    Benedict Arnold
    Old Hickory
    Gen. George Patton
    General Winfield Scott
  • Q8
    the paths taken by the military to force the removal of 15,000 Cherokee people
    The Oregon Trail
    The Civil War Trail
    Trail of Tears
    The Oklahoma Trail
  • Q9
    escaped slaves from Georgia and South Carolina. who lived among the Seminole people
    Slave Owners
    Black Seminoles
  • Q10
    that American soldiers would force them back into slavery
    Freedmen's fear
    Black Seminoles' fear
    Eli Manning's fear
    Pedro Ortega's fear
  • Q11
    Between 1835 and 1842, about 3,000 Seminole and Black Seminoles fought some 30,000 U.S. soldiers to keep from being removed from Florida.
    The War of 1835-1842
    Florida Indian Wars
    Seminole Wars
    The Battle of New Orleans
  • Q12
    a Choctaw police force given the task of protecting The Five Civilized Tribes from the Osage, Comanche, and Kiowa sho had already claimed land in Indian Territory.
    The Lighthorsemen
    The Indian Police
    Sheriff Longmire and Ferg
    Matthais and his Dudes

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