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US History Chapter 8, Lesson 1

Quiz by Jay Wilkins

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    the authority of the people
    popular sovereignty
  • Q2
    in which the powers of government are strictly defined.
    limited government
  • Q3
    government in which the people rule through elected representatives
    republican form of government
  • Q4
    powers specifically given Congress in the Constitution
    enumerated powers
  • Q5
    those powers that belong to the states
    Reserved powers
  • Q6
    power shared by the states and federal government
    concurrent powers
  • Q7
    If a state law contradicts the Constitution or federal law, the Constitution or federal law prevails
    the "Supremacy Clause."
  • Q8
    to make sure no person or group in government has too much power
    separation of powers
  • Q9
    ruled in the 1857 that enslaved African Americans were not citizens
    Dred Scott decision
  • Q10
    ratified in in 1868 granted full citizenship to formerly enslaved African Americans.
    the Fourteenth Amendment
  • Q11
    added to the constitution in 1791, they guarantee basic freedoms and liberties
    Bill of Rights
  • Q12
    the number of times the Constitution has changed as a result of formal amendment
  • Q13
    powers that are suggested but not directly stated in the Constitution
    implied powers
  • Q14
    extended voting rights to women
    Nineteenth Amendment
  • Q15
    gave African American men the right to vote
    Fifteenth Amendment

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