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U.S. History STAAR Review

Quiz by Amy McGowen

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49 questions
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  • Q1
    Which person was a cartoonist for the Harper's Weekly who focused on exposing corruption within the U.S.?
    Jacob Riis
    John Muir
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Thomas Nast
  • Q2
    used the assembly line to mass produce automobiles
    Henry Ford
    Thomas Nast
    Alfred T. Mahan
    Jacob Riis
  • Q3
    massive movement of African Americans from the Southern U.S. to the Northern U.S.
    The Great Gatsby
    Harlem Renaissance
    The Great Immigration
    The Great Migration
  • Q4
    Inventor of the light bulb
    Albert Einstein
    Marcus Garvey
    Henry Ford
    Thomas Edison
  • Q5
    leader of the Steel monopoly and encouraged philanthropy through the Gospel of Wealth
    Cornelius Vanderbilt
    J.P. Morgan
    Andrew Carnegie
    John D. Rockefeller
  • Q6
    Granted Women the right to vote (suffrage amendment)
    18th Amendment
    24th Amendment
    19th Amendment
    21st Amendment
  • Q7
    What is the significance of the year 1898?
    start of WWII
    start of the Cold War
    start of WWI
    Spanish American War
  • Q8
    What was the first affordable automobile?
    Ford F-150
    Lincoln Town Car
  • Q9
    Created to regulate the railroad industry
    Sherman Anti-Trust Act
    Interstate Commerce Act
    Title IX
    Dawes Act
  • Q10
    expressed the importance of a strong navy in his book Influence of Sea Power on History
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Alvin York
    Alfred T. Mahan
    William Jennings Bryan
  • Q11
    completion of this increased Western Settlement and improved communication out West
    the Trail of Tears
    the Model-T
    Interstate Highways
    Transcontinental Railroad
  • Q12
    Organization that used corrupt methods to control votes to keep certain political officials in power
    Tea Party
    Populist Party
    Political Machine
  • Q13
    WWI occurred during which time frame?
    April 1898 - August 1898
  • Q14
    created to ensure that the statement "All Men are Created Equal" is upheld in the U.S.
    Suffrage Amendments
    Prohibition Amendments
    Progressive Amendments
    Populist Amendments
  • Q15
    U.S. motto that means out of many one; representing the unity between the 13 colonies
    All For One and One For All
    E Pluribus Unum
    In God We Trust
    United We Stand

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