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US Imperialism Quiz #2

Quiz by John Frieser

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Yellow journalists created support for the Spanish-American War by writing articles about the
    efforts of the United States to control Mexico
    political popularity of William Jennings Bryan
    sinking of the United States battleship Maine in Havana Harbor
    destruction of United States sugar plantations by Hawaiians
  • Q2
    The explosion of the USS Maine and the practice of yellow journalism played a significant role in the
    acquisition of Florida
    public's support for the Spanish-American War
    creation of the Open Door policy
    purchase of Alaska
  • Q3
    "You furnish (provide) the pictures and I'll furnish (provide) the war." In 1898 when newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst made this statement to artist Frederic Remington, he was suggesting that
    artwork made newspapers more interesting to read
    artists and writers resented being censored by the government
    journalism could he used to shape opinions and policies
    journalists valued accuracy and objectivity
  • Q4
    The purpose of these headlines was to build public support for
    Question Image
    the annexation of Cuba
    an end to the policy of imperialism
    the war against Spain
    efforts to defend the Panama Canal
  • Q5
    Yellow journalism contributed to the start of the Spanish-American War (1898) by
    showing the need to acquire colonies in the Pacific
    inciting public outrage over conditions in Cuba
    portraying William McKinley as a pro-war president
    demanding the repeal of the Gentlemen’s Agreement
  • Q6
    Which 1890's headline is the best example of yellow journalism?
    "Populists Demand Change in the Gold Standard"
    "Spanish Authorities Butcher Innocent Cubans"
    "McKinley Asks Congress To Annex Hawaii"
    "President Supports Child Labor Legislation"

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