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USH Unit 4 SSUSH8, 9, 10

Quiz by Bethany Copeland

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53 questions
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  • Q1
    belief that the US was destined, or fated by God, to rule all territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific
    Wilmot Proviso
    Manifest destiny
    Westward Expansion
  • Q2
    created guidelines for how territory could become states. Also first time slavery in territories becomes an issue
    Northwest Ordinance
    Land Ordinance
    Compromise of 1850
    Missouri Compromise
  • Q3
    Missouri Compromise said...
    Missouri became a slave state
    All of these
    Lousiana Purchase divided in half
    Maine became a free state
  • Q4
    The Louisiana Territory divided along the 36 degrees 30' horizontal line- no slavery above, slavery allowed below was part of
    the Missouri Compromise
    the Kansas-Nebraska Act
    the Nullification Crisis
    the Compromise of 1850
  • Q5
    Saves the day! Missouri Compromise, Nullification Crisis, Compromise of 1850
    John C. Calhoun
    Nat Turner
    John Brown
    Henry Clay
  • Q6
    Things Henry Clay did
    solve Nullification Crisis
    all of these
    Missouri Compromise
    Compromise of 1850
  • Q7
    suspected deal- John Quincy Adams became president and made Henry Clay his Secretary of State (Clay encouraged House members to vote for JQA)
    Pork Barrel Politics
    normal politics
    Corrupt Bargain
    Dirty Deal
  • Q8
    Established in 1821
    Independent Texas
    Mexican Independence
    Annexation of Texas
    all of these
  • Q9
    Americans moved into Mexican Texas with slaves. Mexico abolished slavery in 1824 and Texan Americans fought to make Texas an independent republic, led by Stephen Austin and Sam Houston at the Alamo.
    Civil War
    Texas independence
    Annexation of Texas
    Mexican-American War
  • Q10
    James Polk
    all of these
    Prez #11
    poked Mexico til they fought
    wanted land
  • Q11
    believed in Manifest destiny, wanted the SW US and Texas. He sent American troops to provoke Mexico into the Mexican American War.
    President James Polk
    Zachary Taylor
    Henry Clay
    Bob the Builder
  • Q12
    one region of the country puts their own needs above the needs of the nation as a whole. Example: Northern tariffs only benefited the North, and allowing slavery only benefited the South
    both of these
    neither of these
  • Q13
    Created after the War of 1812 but led to the Nullification Crisis
    abolition of slavery
    Income taxes
    women's right to vote
    The Tariff of Abominations
  • Q14
    from South Carolina, encouraged his home state to engage in nullification of a tariff even though he was Vice President
    Andrew Jackson
    Martin van Buren
    Henry Clay
    John C. Calhoun
  • Q15
    declaring something "null and void" basically means a state is going to act like it doesn't exist or refuse to follow it
    LOL NOPE-ify

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