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USH Unit 6: American Imperialism, Spanish-American War, WWI, the 1920s

Quiz by Bethany Copeland

Grade 9-12
Social Studies
Georgia Standards of Excellence

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51 questions
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  • Q1
    Imperialism is
    motivated by politics
    feeling superior to immigrants
    extreme patriotism
    building an empire
  • Q2
    American involvement in the Spanish American War
    was completely separate from US involvement in the Philippines
    was the result of a treaty
    was motivated partly by economics
    was purely based on the desire to help Cubans
  • Q3
    When stronger nations take over lands, or control lands owned by weaker nations, that is
  • Q4
    Cuba and Puerto Rico
    Last pieces of Spain's empire
    both of these
    none of these
    49th and 50th states of America
  • Q5
    Crop that Americans had invested money in
    Cuban sugar
    all of these
    Hawaiian bread
    Filipino pineapples
  • Q6
    American newspapers begin to write dramatic articles about Cuban suffering
    yellow journalism
    fake news
  • Q7
    A Spnish official described President McKinley as weak in
    yellow journalism
    the De Lome letter
    the Zimmerman Telegram
    none of these
  • Q8
    The last straw- Americans demand war!
    The U.S.S. Maine
    Seward's Folly
    the annexation of Hawaii
    the use of concentration camps
  • Q9
    First battle of the Spanish-American War
    Battle of San Juan Hill
    Manila Bay
    Battle of the Caribbean
    Battle of Havana
  • Q10
    Teddy Roosevelt's troop
    101st Airborne
    Tough Taters
    Tuskeegee Airmen
    Rough Riders
  • Q11
    Spanish American War ended with
    Treaty of Versailles 1919
    Treaty of Paris 1783
    Treaty of Paris 1763
    Treaty of Paris 1898
  • Q12
    Territories the US gained from Spain
    Guam, Philippines, Cuba
    Puerto Rico, Guam, Cuba
    Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines
    Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines, Cuba
  • Q13
    Arguments against imperialism
    racism- we don't want to rule other races or have them come here
    the belief that imperialism went against democracy
    all of these
    progressivism- we have too many problems of our own to fix
  • Q14
    Wanted to let Panama build the canal
    none of these
    did not agree to allow the Panama Canal
    received $10 million to allow the US to build the Panama Canal
  • Q15
    Political downside to the Panama Canal
    Americans in Panama didn't have to pay taxes
    Americans born in the canal zone weren't citizens
    Europeans boycotted the canal
    Latin American nations were upset at American interference in Colombia

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