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USII 5a World War I

Quiz by joyce lackey

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What are the two powers that fought in World War I?
    Allied Powers and Oppression Powers
    US Powers and German Powers
    Allied Powers and Central Powers
    Central Powers and Left or Right Powers
  • Q2
    What are the dates of World War I?
    1914 -1918
    1914- 1920
    1914 -1917
  • Q3
    What year did the United States enter the War?
  • Q4
    What year did Russia leave the War?
  • Q5
    What caused World WarI to begin with so many European Powers in the conflict?
    desire for power and land
    frustration with other countries
    the aggressive action of Serbia
  • Q6
    Which power did Great Britain, France, and Russia fight for?
    Central Powers
    Allied Powers
    Left and Right Powers
    European Powers
  • Q7
    What does isolationism mean?
    to interact and help other countries
    to not get involved in the affairs of other countries
    to only get involved in other countries affairs if paid
    to stay where it is extremely colds
  • Q8
    Which power did the German Empire belong to during World War I?
    Central Powers
    Allied Powers
    Center Leftist Powers
    Center Right Powers
  • Q9
    What was the "spark that ignited World War I?
    when he Austrian- Hungarian Empire assassination the Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife while visiting Serbia
    The assassination of of the King of Serbia by Russia
    The assassination of the Archduke Frances Fillmore by Austrian-Hungarian Empire
  • Q10
    What is an alliance?
    An agreement between two or more countries to try and get along and stop fighting
    An Agreement between two or more people to make amends and try to get along
    an agreement between two or more countries, where they both benefit, promise to support each other
    An agreement between two people, where they both benefit and promise to support each other

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