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Using Possessive apostrophes

Quiz by Vicky Lambert

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The car belongs to the children.
    The children's car
    The childrens car
    The childrens' car
  • Q2
    The handbag that belongs to the woman
    The womans handbag
    The woman's handbag
    The womans' handbag
  • Q3
    The football that belongs to James
    James' football
    James's football
    Jame's football
  • Q4
    The work we will be doing this week.
    This weeks work
    This week's work
    This weeks' work
  • Q5
    The shoes that belong to Hannah
    Hannah's shoes
    Hannahs shoes
    Hannahs' shoes
  • Q6
    The changing room for the boys
    The boys changing room
    The boys' changing room
    The boy's changing room
  • Q7
    The capital city of Wales
    Wales' capital city
    Wales's capital city
    Wale's capital city
  • Q8
    The tallest mountain in Scotland
    Scotland's tallest mountain
    Scotlands' tallest mountain
    Scotlands tallest mountain
  • Q9
    The biggest lake in Northern Ireland
    Northern Irelands biggest lake
    Northern Irelands' biggest lake
    Northern Ireland's biggest lake
  • Q10
    The counties of England
    Englands counties
    Englands' counties
    England's counties

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