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Vacuum Suction

Quiz by Erine Fraser

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Lymphatic drainage equipment is powered by?
    indirect current
    alternating current
    direct current
    solar current
  • Q2
    What product is best to use with the lymphatic drainage equipment?
    an ionised gel as it aids penetration of active ingredients
    oil as it allows slip and glide and improves skin condition
    Powder as it allows slip and glide and absorbs moisture
    saline solution as it helps to conduct the current
  • Q3
    What is the main contra - action associated with vacuum suction?
    muscle fatigue and excessive erythema
    burns and excessive erythema
    hyper -pigmentation and burns
  • Q4
    What effect do electrical treatments have on the lymphatic system?
    lymphatic circulation is increased and the immune system is boosted
    lymphatic circulation is increased and swelling is increased
    lymphatic circulation is decreased and the immune system is boosted
    lymphatic circulation is decreased and swelling is reduced
  • Q5
    Which environmental condition would be most appropriate for an electrical treatment?
    upbeat music to invigorate the client
    temperature minimum 24`C
    soft background music
    fluorescent lighting
  • Q6
    White nodules found around the eyes and above the cheekbones, especially on dry skin are called what?
  • Q7
    A client is prevented from having electro-therapy treatment if they are taking Roaccutane because?
    they will have thicker raised areas of skin known as keloids
    they will have thin and sensitive skin
    they will have loss of tactile skin sensation
    they will produce excess oil causing acne
  • Q8
    a bluish contusion on the skin caused by damage to the capillaries in the dermis are called
    bruise, which restrict the treatment, or can be a contra action to vacuum suction
    herpes zoster and will restrict treatment
    embolism which will prevent treatment
    impetigo which will prevent treatment

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