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[VEDU] DSAT V-Zip Quiz Day8(491-560)

Quiz by 서브베테랑스

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69 questions
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  • Q1
    pertain (v.)
    to be relevant or related to / 관련되다
    to hold back or suppress / 억압하다
    to praise / 찬양하다
    to put up with someone; to tolerate a difficult experience / 견디다
  • Q2
    recurrent (adj.)
    small, insignificant / 사소한, 중요하지 않은
    not finalized; temporary / 잠정적인; 임시의
    with emphasis; emphasized; forceful / 강조된, 강조하는; 강력한 (양보 없는)
    recurring again and again / 반복적인
  • Q3
    indifferent (adj.)
    giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen / 불길한
    showing no care or concern; having no preference on the matter / 무심한, ~중에 선호하는 것이 없는
    surpassing a common or expected level; excellent / 우수한
    lacking clarity or logical connection / 불분명한
  • Q4
    furnish (v.)
    to express strong disapproval of / ~에 대해 강하게 비판하다
    to provide / ~에게 ~을 공급하다, 주다
    to understate the importance or quality of; to represent as less significant or important / ~의 중요성을 축소해서 얘기하다; 실제보다 더 약하거나 덜한 것 처럼 표현하다
    to instill an idea or habit by persistent instruction / 주입하다
  • Q5
    demeanor (n.)
    a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease / 불안감
    distribution according to a plan / 할당, 분배
    an antiquity that has survived from the distant past; something of sentimental value / 유물; 감정적인 가치가 있는 물품
    attitude and action / 태도/행동
  • Q6
    purport (v.)
    to force away or back / ~을 밀어내게 하다, ~을 떼내다
    to claim or profess / 주장하다
    to enhance or exaggerate the power, status, or reputation of someone or something / 크게 만들다
    to introduce something new or make changes to something existing / 혁신하다
  • Q7
    refrain (v.)
    treat or regard someone with disrespect or contempt / 비하하다
    to adjust (a measuring tool) in order to make it more accurate / (더 정확하게 측정하도록) 도구를 조정하다
    to abstain or hold back from doing something / 삼가다
    to claim or profess / 주장하다
  • Q8
    arcane (adj.)
    hasty, superficial / 대충의
    mysterious, understood by few / 신비한, 난해한
    distrustful and cautious / ~을 경계하는, ~을 조심하는
    feeling anxiety or nervousness / ~을 걱정하는
  • Q9
    prerogative (n.)
    physical strength and energy / 활기
    time available for ease and relaxation / 손쉬움, 여유로움
    the idea of something that is perfect; something one hopes to attain (but perhaps unrealistic) / 이상
    an exclusive right or privilege / 특권
  • Q10
    appreciative (adj.)
    stated or appearing to be true, but not necessarily so / 표면적인
    easily seen, noticeable / 눈에 띄는
    showing a favorable opinion / 이해를 통해 긍정적으로 생각하는
    considerable (size or amount) / 상당한
  • Q11
    task (v.)
    to make more difficult / 복잡하게 하다
    take the place of / 대체하다
    to assign an assignment or task to someone / ~에게 ~하는 업무를 부여하다
    to read or examine carefully and in detail / 세심히 살피다
  • Q12
    versatile (adj.)
    characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice / 과시적인
    fake; made with intent to deceive for the real thing / 위조된
    markedly different from the usual / ~의 특이한, 고유한, 특징적인
    competent in many areas; useful in many situations or aspects / 다재다능한; 여러 곳에 적용 혹은 활용 가능한
  • Q13
    marginalize (v.)
    to place into enforced isolation, usually for medical reasons / ~을 격리시키다
    to attribute or assign / 돌리다, 귀속시키다
    to treat someone or something as insignificant or unimportant / 주변화시키다
    make or enact laws / 입법하다
  • Q14
    plastic (adj.)
    capable of being shaped or molded; easily influenced or impressionable / 가소성 있는
    avoiding the company of other people; solitary / 은둔적인
    belonging naturally; essential / 본질적인
    allowing for a final, deciding result; conclusive / 결정적인, 결론을 내는
  • Q15
    exemplary (adj.)
    distrustful and cautious / ~을 경계하는, ~을 조심하는
    present, appearing, or found everywhere / 어디에나 존재하는
    worth of imitation; being a great example for something / 대단한, 모범적인
    practical; related to practical rather than theoretical concerns / 실용적인

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