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58 questions
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  • Q1
    Inflammation is non -specific because
    Inflammatory reactions are simular no matter the cause
    there are many immune cells involved in inflammation
    it contributes to the immune system cascade
    Science does not know why inflammation is non-specific
  • Q2
    A nurse is preparing to teach on the subject of opsonins. Which information should the Nurse Include? Opsonin are molecules that:
    are composed of fatty acids
    regulate inflammation
    degranulate mast cells
    enhance phagocytosis
  • Q3
    the inflammatory response is needed for?
    allowing for permeability of the cell wall.
    the complement system
    to initiate healing
    to initiate proteins to react to injury
  • Q4
    Protein that increase in the blood during acute systemic inflammation, such as C-RP, are called;
    systemic membrane attack protein
    histamine surface complexes
    acute phase reactants
    selective reactive mediators
  • Q5
    A football player suffers a broken ankle with extensive bone and soft tissue damage. The pain from this injury is associated with;
    kinin and protoglandin are responsible for pain and soft tissue damage
    histamine and serotonin
    immune complex cascade

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