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Very traditional Britain

Quiz by Maria

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Bad characteristic of British people is...
    Сheering on the undercat
    pick one's teeth
    lough loudly
  • Q2
    On the concert of Ed Sheeran the british were discussed because
    they were very polite and apologized for everything
    they spoke a lot about weather and interrupted the singer
    they don't jump the queue
  • Q3
    гордиться чем-то
    to be proud for
    to be respected for
    to be proud on
    to be proud of
  • Q4
    English people are...fotball
    nervous about
    mad about
    afraid of
    absolutely normal about
  • Q5
    Dress up for the occasion
    собираться на вечерний приём
    одеваться как попало
    одеваться не по погоде
    одеваться по обстановке
  • Q6
    typical British tea is
    tea with milk
    tea with lemon
    tea with honey
    tea with condensed milk
  • Q7
    British people are proud of...
    being polite and using manners
    being easy-going
    being broad minded
    being communicative

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