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Veterans)D.SAT Final 10W(4/2)

Quiz by 서브베테랑스

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  • Q1
    flee (v.)
    to push towards (physical, but also into a situation) / ~를 (어떤 방향 혹은 상황으로) 밀다/밀어넣다
    to make concessions and come to an agreement; to endanger; to damage / 타협하다; ~을 위험에 빠뜨리다, ~을 위태롭게 하다; ~에게 피해를 입히다
    to keep tabs on; to keep under surveillance / ~을 지켜보다, ~을 관찰하다
    run away quickly / ~을 피해 도망치다, ~에게서 달아나다, ~을 벗어나다
  • Q2
    assure (v.)
    to express criticism towards; to admonish / ~를 비판하다; ~를 혼내다
    to grieve or feel sadness for / ~를 슬퍼하다
    to make certain of; to confirm positively that something is sure or true / ~을 확실하게 하다; ~을 보장하다
    to stimulate / ~을 자극하다, ~을 선동하다
  • Q3
    primly (adv.)
    in a proper, neat, fastidious way / 얌전하게, 우아하게
    too (surpassing a reasonable limit) / 지나치게
    forever (unclear when it will end) / 영원히 (언제 끝날지 명확하지 않은 상태로)
    essentially, basically, in most reasonable respects / 실질적으로, 실제로는, 사실상
  • Q4
    approachable (adj.)
    accessible; easy to talk to / 접근 가능한
    opposite of enthusiastic; not very willing or eager / 소극적인
    widely known and esteemed / 유명한
    urgent / 급한
  • Q5
    underappreciated (adj.)
    likely to change unpredictably / 변덕스러운
    not normal; not typical / 변칙적인, 비정상의
    appearing as such but not necessarily so / ~같은, ~처럼 보이는
    undervalued / (실제보다) 가치를 인정받지 못한
  • Q6
    comprehend (v.)
    to attach firmly / ~을 고정시키다
    to describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of / (대략적으로) 알려주다
    to understand; to include / ~를 이해하다; ~을 포함하다
    to conclude by logic / ~에서 ~을 논리적으로 추론해내다
  • Q7
    conducive (adj.)
    tending to bring about; being partly responsible for / ~에 도움이 되는
    having a tendency for / ~을 믿는 편인, ~하는 경향이 있는
    assumed to be true / 추정되는
    exhibiting confidence / 자신감에 찬
  • Q8
    controversy (n.)
    a dispute where there is active disagreement / 논란
    an idea / 아이디어, 생각
    authority to govern (oneself or others); an independent state / 자치권, 자주권; 자치국가, 자주국가
    an assertion offering support for a fact; a solemn statement given under oath / 증언, 증거
  • Q9
    relate (v.)
    to make changes to; to edit / ~을 수선하다; ~을 수정하다, ~의 어떤 점을 변경하다
    to estimate something as being lower, smaller, or of less value / ~을 과소평가하다, ~을 경시하다
    to raise in quantity, degree, or intensity / ~을 높이다
    to give an account of; to tell the story of / ~을 말하다, ~을 진술하다, ~을 이야기 하다
  • Q10
    reallocation (n.)
    the quality of insight and sympathetic understanding; perception of that which is obscure; delicate discrimination (especially of aesthetic values); a feeling of understanding / 0
    a new apportionment or distribution of something / 재할당, 재분배
    fearful expectation or anticipation / (끔찍한 것에 대한) 두려움
    explanation or justification for something / 이유에 대한 설명
  • Q11
    distortion (n.)
    something illusory and unattainable / 신기루
    a deformation, change, or manipulation of something (usually negative) / 뒤틀림
    showing or experience dissastisfaction / 불만족
    something fancicul, odd, unpredictable (fun/imaginative) / 신비롭거나 신기한 것
  • Q12
    mannerism (n.)
    having elaborately complex detail / 복잡함, 얽히고 설킴
    remains of something brokenn up or destroyed / 잔해
    a behavioral habit, sometimes done to pretend / 자주하는 행동 혹은 습관
    balance or interplay between opposing elements; feeling of suspense in midst of potential conflict or problem / 긴장된 상태 (상반된 것들의 대립, 혹은 어떤 불안이나 우려로 인한)
  • Q13
    willful (adj.)
    given to expressing yourself freely or insistently / 자기 주장을 잘 하는
    habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition; deliberate / 자기 의지가 강한 (그래서 반항을 주로 많이 하는); 의도적인
    considerable (size or amount) / 상당한
    from god; of god / 신성한, 신의
  • Q14
    array (n.)
    balance or interplay between opposing elements; feeling of suspense in midst of potential conflict or problem / 긴장된 상태 (상반된 것들의 대립, 혹은 어떤 불안이나 우려로 인한)
    a list or arrangement of things / 배열
    a large meeting or assembly, usually for a specific purpose; the traditional method of doing something / 회의, 집회, 대회; 관행
    small action, usually signifying something / (뭔가를 나타내는) 작은 행동, 손짓, 몸짓
  • Q15
    abundance (n.)
    something that causes an important event to happen; (chemistry) a substance that accelerates a chemical reaction / 촉매, 촉매제
    magnitude or seriousness (of something negative) / 심각성 (부정적)
    a large amount or quantity of / 부유함, 풍부함
    fearful expectation or anticipation / (끔찍한 것에 대한) 두려움

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