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Vietnam Wae

Quiz by Melanie Bowen

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23 questions
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  • Q1
    (1890-1969) leader of the Communist Party in Indochina after WWII; led Vietnamese against the French, then North Vietnamese against the United States in the Vietnam War
    Ho Chi Minh
  • Q2
    an organization whose goal it was to win Vietnam's independence from foreign rule; originated 1945.
  • Q3
    the political theory that if one nation comes under Communist control then neighboring nations will also come under Communist control
    domino theory
  • Q4
    A town of northwest Vietnam near the Laos border. The French military base here fell to Vietminh troops on May 7, 1954, after a 56-day siege, leading to the end of France's involvement in Indochina.
    Dien Bien Phu
  • Q5
    a 1954 peace agreement that divided Vietnam into Communist-controlled North Vietnam and non-Communist South Vietnam until unification elections could be held in 1956
    Geneva Accords
  • Q6
    (3 January 1901 - 2 November 1963) was the first president of South Vietnam (1955-1963). Anti-communist dictator who repressed all opposition; backed by U.S. until assassinated in a coup de tat.
    Ngo Kinh Diem
  • Q7
    the guerrilla soldiers of the Communist faction in South Vietnam, also know as the National Liberation Front
  • Q8
    a resolution adopted by Congress in 1964, giving the president broad powers to wage war in Vietnam
    Tonkin Gulf Resolution
  • Q9
    Secretary of Defense under JFK & LBJ; expanded American involvement in Vietnam
    Robert McNamara
  • Q10
    American Secretary of State from 1961-1969. Rusk was very militant, advocating military force in combating communism; especially in Vietnam.
    Dean Rusk
  • Q11
    American General who commanded American military operations in the Vietnam War at its peak from 1964 to 1968
    William Westmoreland
  • Q12
    Highly flammable chemical dropped from US planes in firebombing attacks during the Vietnam War and other conflicts.
  • Q13
    a herbicide used in the Vietnam War to defoliate forest areas
    Agent Orange
  • Q14
    an operation developed for United States troops in Vietnam; troops would move through a designated area destroying enemy troops as they found them; relied heavily on new modes of transportation
    search-n-destroy mission
  • Q15
    This was the gap between the people and the government that grew as the people became disillusioned with the Vietnam War.
    credibility gap

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