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Virtual Classroom Rules and Procedures

Quiz by Kimberly Villanueva

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17 questions
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  • Q1
    When you enter a Google Meets session, you should...
    mute your microphone
    ask your friends a question
    talk loudly
    eat your food
  • Q2
    When the teacher is speaking you should...
    get up to get your pet
    type in the comments to your friends
    eat your food while on camera
    be listening and stay focused
  • Q3
    When your teacher calls on another student, you should...
    wave your hands
    keep your microphone muted and listen
    act silly
    unmute your microphone and start talking
  • Q4
    When a visitor enters our Google Meets, you should
    turn your camera off
    unmute your microphone and say hi
    stay focused on what is being taught
    wave at them
  • Q5
    If you have to get up to use the restroom, you should
    mute both your microphone and camera
    close your tabs
    leave your camera on
    log out of the computer
  • Q6
    How do you get to Google Meetings?
    ask Mom
    use the link on the lesson schedule or Google Classroom
    look in your email
    search on the internet
  • Q7
    When you click on the plus sign on the top bar of the computer screen, it...
    completes your assignment for you
    sends you back
    opens a new page
    closes your work
  • Q8
    If I don't rename my copy of the work...
    the computer renames it for me
    it's okay
    I'll still get credit
    my teacher won't know whose work it is
  • Q9
    When I am in a Google Meeting, I should...
    wearing my mask
    be eating my breakfast
    playing with my pet
    be focused and ready to learn
  • Q10
    In order for our virtual class to work, we must
    work together as a team
    do only some of the work
    interrupt the teacher
    type silly things on the chat screen
  • Q11
    What is the main idea of the book Chrysanthemum?
    Some of the students were mean to Chrysanthemum.
    Everybody's name is absolutely perfect-for them!
    Mrs. Twinkle was a really cool teacher.
    Chrysanthemum is a flower.
  • Q12
    What is one lesson or moral taught through the book, Chrysanthemum?
    It's wrong to tease people about their names.
    You shouldn't name your child after a flower.
    School is fun for everyone.
    Teachers should ignore kids that are mean.
  • Q13
    What is an expression in math also called?
    a number larger than a 100
    a funny face
    a fraction
    a number sentence
  • Q14
    Where do you find all of your "copied" or renamed work?
    on your computer desktop
    in your DRIVE
    on your Smore
    in your notebook
  • Q15
    We all have a small group meeting time for reading

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