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Visual System and Lesions

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45 questions
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  • Q1
    Pupillary constriction is under sympathetic control, while pupillary dilation is under parasympathetic control.
  • Q2
    Pupillary constriction is accomplished through which cranial nerve?
    CN III
    CN V
    CN VI
    CN IV
  • Q3
    Brittany is blind in her right eye due to a lesion in her right optic nerve. As a result, when a light is shined into her left eye, what happens to her pupillary reaction?
    Only her left eye will dilate
    Both eyes will dilate
    Both eyes will constrict
    Only her left eye will constrict
  • Q4
    Aaron has normal vision. Shining a light in Aaron’s left eye will produce pupil constriction in:
    His left eye
    Both eyes
    Neither eye – it dilates his pupils
    His right eye
  • Q5
    Briana went to the hospital because she presented with visual loss in both eyes. More specifically, she suffered from vision loss to the left visual field of her left eye, and the right visual field of her right eye, also known as bitemporal hemianopia. Briana likely has a lesion to what part of her visual pathway?
    Left optic nerve
    Right optic radiation
    Optic chiasm
    Right optic tract

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