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Vocab 5

Quiz by Laura Thompson

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  • Q1
    Which sentence correctly uses jovial?
    We all felt jovial when the car crashed.
    We all felt jovial when we heard the goods news.
    The kids were jovial when we cancelled Christmas.
  • Q2
    Which sentence correctly uses kilometer?
    I had seven kilometers in my pocket.
    The school shut down after the sixth kilometer ended.
    In math class we had to convert miles to kilometers.
  • Q3
    Which sentence correctly uses labyrinth?
    I was so labyrinth after the movie.
    The new school felt like a labyrinth without a map.
    The labyrinth was very clear and easy to follow.
  • Q4
    Which sentence correctly uses laconic?
    The students were glad the usually talkative teacher was being laconic today.
    My neighbor is so laconic he talks for hours.
    The 600 page book was very laconic.
  • Q5
    Which sentence correctly uses lichen?
    The lichen climbed out of the sea.
    The lichen growing on the trees was bright white.
    I had a pet lichen growing up.
  • Q6
    Which sentence correctly uses light-year?
    The light-year was blinding.
    It took an entire light-year to get to Spain from Paris.
    The astronauts measured the distance in light-years and decided it was too far to go.
  • Q7
    Which sentence correctly uses maneuver?
    I studied maneuver in French class.
    The JROTC practiced six different maneuvers each day.
    The loud maneuver was overwhelming.
  • Q8
    Which sentence correctly uses marsupial?
    I saw six marsupial turtles at the lake.
    We studied marsupials in English class.
    The baby carrier made the new mom feel like a marsupial.
  • Q9
    Which sentence is a metaphor?
    Chocolate tastes great.
    Chocolates melt in the sun.
    Life is a box of chocolates.
  • Q10
    Which sentence correctly uses mosiac?
    The artist created a beautiful mosaic from the broken tile.
    I drove a mosaic for my first car.
    The mosaic made everyone nervous.

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