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Vocab_Review for July Test

Quiz by song vichet

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34 questions
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  • Q1
    become successful or popular very fast; leave the ground; remove (a piece of clothing)
    Take off (phr v)
  • Q2
    look after a child until he or she becomes an adult; start discussing a subject
    bring up (phr v)
  • Q3
    be connected to a place by telephone; make someone understand what you are trying to say
    get through (phr v)
  • Q4
    isolated (made impossible to reach), the connection has been interrupted
    cut off (phr v)
  • Q5
    improved, learned with formal training
    pick up (phr v)
  • Q6
    Tolerate; accept an unpleasant situation without complaining
    put up with (phr v)
  • Q7
    start (a hobby, sport, etc)/ to raise and discuss a matter with someone.
    take up/ take sth up with someone (phr v)
  • Q8
    admire and respect, Search for in a book or other source
    look up/ look up to (phr v)
  • Q9
    stop doing sth you do regularly
    give up (phr v)
  • Q10
    to start sth by pressing a switch or a button
    turn on (phr v)
  • Q11
    look or behave like an older relative
    take after (phr v)
  • Q12
    to take care of someone or something
    look after (phr v)
  • Q13
    to like each other and have a friendly relationship with each other
    get on well with somebody (phr v)
  • Q14
    to try to find (someone or something) : to search for (someone or something)
    look for (phr v)
  • Q15
    to feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen
    look forward to doing something (phr v)

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