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Vocabulary List 17- Adjectives, Vocabulary, and Pandas

Quiz by Naomi A. Beres

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  • Q1
    What is a hodgepodge?
    Question Image
    a heterogeneous mixture; a jumble
    stay in a place longer than necessary
    an immortal being
    lean or haggard due to suffering
  • Q2
    What does it mean if a group is considered heterogeneous?
    Question Image
    same in kind; identical
    reluctant to leave
    lean or haggard
    different in kind; unlike; incongruous
  • Q3
    If someone or something is immortal (adjective), what does that mean?
    Question Image
    they will live forever; never die
    they are half-god; half-human
    they are human and will die
    they are incogruous
  • Q4
    If somone IS an immortal (noun), what are they?
    Question Image
    a hodgepodge
    an immortal being
    Percy Jackson
  • Q5
    If someone or something is gaunt, what does that mean?
    Question Image
    reluctant to leave
    tattered; broken
    they are lean or haggard due to suffering, starvation, or deprivation of some kind
    jumbled; hodgepodge
  • Q6
    Sometimes, if someone is reluctant to leave, they linger. What does that mean?
    Question Image
    they start a protest
    they jump up and down repeatedly
    they stay longer than necessary
    they force themselves to leave right away
  • Q7
    If I saunter, what does that mean about my walking pace?
    Question Image
    slow, relaxed
    skips; jumps
    quick, hurried
    hops; bounces
  • Q8
    If I am defiant, what does that mean about my attitude?
    Question Image
    living forever; never dying
    fond of company
    resistant to authority
    very sure of myself
  • Q9
    The tempo of something means the ________ at which a piece is performed. ________ is also the Italian word for time.
    Question Image
    stalling; Pianisimo
    tempo; Forte
    source; Piano
    speed; Tempo
  • Q10
    A gregarious person is __________________________; _________________________.
    Question Image
    often named Gregory
    fond of company; sociable
    fond of flowers; sociable
    fond of chocolate; anti-social
  • Q11
    According to Eva Beres, our vocabulary PowerPoint was missing something.... what was it?
    Question Image
    a platypus
    a pumpkin
    a peacock
    a panda

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