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Vocabulary: Pgymalion

Quiz by song vichet

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    behaving in a proud, unpleasant way, showing little thought for other people.
    arrogant (adj)
  • Q2
    deprived of a decent standard of living, adequate education, and economic security through poverty, discrimination, etc.
    underprivileged (adj)
  • Q3
    not having enough knowledge, good judgement or experience of life and too willing to believe that people always tell you the truth
    naive (adj)
  • Q4
    having or showing a complacent satisfaction with oneself, one's own actions, behaviour, etc
    self-satisfied (adj)
  • Q5
    behaving as though you are more important and more intelligent than other people.
    condescending (adj)
  • Q6
    (of a person) good at expressing ideas or feelings clearly in words.
    articulate (adj)
  • Q7
    A humble person is not proud and does not believe that they are better than other people.
    humble (adj)
  • Q8
    the use of threats or physical force to intimidate and control another person
    bullying (n)
  • Q9
    worried or frightened that something unpleasant may happen.
    apprehensive (adj)
  • Q10
    too confident about yourself in a way that annoys other people.
    cocky (adj)
  • Q11
    having confidence in yourself and your abilities.
    self-confident (adj)
  • Q12
    feeling no sympathy for other people.
    heartless (adj)
  • Q13
    behaving in an unfriendly way toward other people because you think that you are better than them.
    haughty (adj)
  • Q14
    honest and open; not trying to trick somebody or hide something.
    straightforward (adj)
  • Q15
    feeling or showing sympathy for people or animals who are suffering.
    compassionate (adj)

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