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  • Q1

    What is magma?


    Red Rock

    Molten Lava

    Volcano Crust

  • Q2

    What does it mean when a Volcano is Dormant?

    A volcano is cold

    A volcano that can erupt but is not right now

    A volcano that is erupting

    A volcano is melted

  • Q3

    What is an active volcano?

    The volcano is erupting

    The volcano is moving

    The volcano is likely to erupt again

    The volcano will never erupt

  • Q4

    What is a rupture in earth's crust?

    A crater

    A volcano

    A hole

    An earthquake 

  • Q5

    What causes a volcano to erupt?

    The lava is cold so the volcano erupts

    The lava turning red

    Heat causes the volcano to erupt

    A build up of lava in the volcanos chamber


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