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Volume, Surface Area, Composite Figure Review

Quiz by Karen Leonard

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    A circle has a diameter of 12.4 cm. What is the circumference of the circle to the nearest tenth?
    19.468 cm
    38.9 cm
    38.8 cm
  • Q2
    Determine the area of composite figure
    Question Image
    467 cm
    458 cm
    692 cm
  • Q3
    Question Image
  • Q4
    Mark needs a new bicycle tire. He found the radius of his old tire to be 16 inches. How many inches around does his tire need to be?
    200.96 in
    50.24 in
    100.48 in
  • Q5
    Susan has a circular vegetable garden that has a diameter of 12 feet. How many feet of fence will she need to put around her garden?
    113.04 ft
    37.8 ft
    37.68 ft
  • Q6
    Find the volume
    Question Image
    60.48 cm
    11.9 cm
    48.9 cm
  • Q7
    What is the volume of this chocolate bar?
    Question Image
    360 cm
    800 cm
    1600 cm
  • Q8
    Find the volume of this rectangular Pyramid
    Question Image
    260 cm
    175.5 cm
    364 cm 3
  • Q9
    Find the volume of this Triangular Pyramid
    Question Image
    80 in
    480 in
    720 in
  • Q10
    Mark bought a pizza with a diameter of 14 in. How many square inches of pizza are there for him and his friends to eat?
    153.86 in
    196 in
    43.96 in

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