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Quiz by Roxan Cabria

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    As A volunteer managers, you should provide all the resources available to help your volunteers prepare themselves and to ensure that everyone else involved in the program are likewise ready either to receive or assist the volunteers.

    True or False
  • Q2

    The following are the key elements of volunteer mobilization; Except for; 

    Travel or transportation and logistical arrangements;

    Pre-deployment orientation or training of volunteers.

    Health and medical and medical Insurance. 

    Locality risk assessment and emergency management planning

  • Q3

    As a volunteer manager, you must develop your pre-mobilization checklist, which covers all relevant preparatory activities and requirements

    True or False
  • Q4

    This   plan should cover emergency management procedures. and  is developed using the locality risk assessment that was undertaken during the activity planning phase.

    Security Plan 

    Safety and security plan 

    Emergency Plan

    Contingency Plan

  • Q5

    This programs must be well thought out and cover topics that volunteers need to be aware of prior to their deployment. This includes information on their host organization, the assignment location and local community, cultural norms, socio political situation, safety and security risks and protocols, communication and reporting protocols. It may also include skills development sessions or training.

    Volunteer  programs and mobilizations

    Volunteer orientation programs

    Volunteer strategy programs

    Volunteer preparedness programs 

  • Q6

    It is also a good practice to _______________ the mobilization of volunteers to relevant community stakeholders, including the local authorities (i.e., mayors, barangay chairman, Philippine National Police, Philippine Army detachments).





  • Q7

    A comprehensive volunteer orientation program must include safety and security orientation or training—for example, in basic first aid and threat identification and response—especially if the volunteer will be deployed in a location for more than a month

    True or False
  • Q8

    An evaluation of the orientation or training activity must be undertaken to gain important feedback, insights, and lessons. Future orientation or training must incorporate the relevant feedback or suggestions.

    True or False
  • Q9

    Pre-Mobilization Information Packs checklists  are needed, except; 

    Send out pre-mobilization information packs to partner organization

    Ensure all documents are complete

    Identify orientation venue and accommodation if needed

  • Q10

    General Logistical Requirements under Transportation and other vehicle requirements checklists are needed, except; 

    Prepare travel request form and arrange travel/flight requirements if any (including flight itinerary/airline)

    Prepare final vehicle itinerary and provide copies to drivers and staff

    Coordinate transportation requirements, schedules, and secure vehicles

    Request for cash advances/payment


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