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W4D3 Road to Mastery: Using Paychex Forms - DO NOT SHUFFLE

Quiz by Training Team SMB

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  • Q1
    You took your first phone call today. During the call, Jamie, from Heavenly Bakery, mentioned to you that he was having trouble keeping track of the 401k for each of his employees. You recognized the opportunity for a SOAR referral. Jamie was happy to learn that Paychex offers a 401k administration program and can't wait to hear from our sales partners. You need to complete the SOAR referral. What is the next step to submit the referral?
    Email the Assigned Specialist
    Click PRS View
    Transfer to sales

    Search for the client in SWM + click Workflow

  • Q2
    You have completed all of the SOAR referral form and now need to add a note. What information should be included in the note? Sort the items below into ADD TO NOTE or DO NOT INCLUDE.
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  • Q3
    Yves, from Outdoor Adventures, calls in upset because his receptionist shredded the payroll package that he just received by mistake. The package contained Readychex checks and he needs to be able to pay his employees. You offer two options to resolve Yves's issue: void and reissue and he can write the checks in-house or request a reprint. Match the solution to the steps to complete.
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  • Q4
    Yves opts to have you void and reissue the affected employees' checks. You are ready to complete form DP0004. On the first screen, which option do you select for this scenario?
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    Check Series
    Single or Multiple Checks
  • Q5
    On the next page, you enter the office number and client number. You need to select the reason for the void. What will you select?
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    Check Mutilated
    Client Error
    Check Lost in Payroll Delivery
    Payroll Processed Twice
  • Q6
    You entered the check numbers from the payroll journal and indicated that the client is the one who has the checks currently. What button do you press to continue the void process?
    Question Image
    Exit Form
    Check Status
    Process Void
    Clear Form
  • Q7
    You have checked the status of the affected checks and determine that they have not been cashed. What is your next step?
    You will process the Readychex void with the DP0010
    Process the void in Core Advanced
    Tell Yves he needs to complete the DP0010
    Click Process Void on the DP0004

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