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  • Q1

    1. Which among the adverbs below expresses unhappiness because of failing to meet expectations?

    C. Disapprovingly 

    B. Unfortunately

    A. Disappointingly           

    D. Unluckily

  • Q2

    This is a type of adverbs that emphasizes the intensity of your stand about an issue.

    B. Adverbs of Place  

    C. Adverbs of Opinion                                 

    A. Adverbs of Manner  

      D. Adverbs of Time

  • Q3

    I, __________ believe that we should help street children by asking private and government agencies to provide them child care services.

    A. definitely                                                  

    B. probably  

    D. wisely

    C. evidently

  • Q4

    ______________, many health workers volunteered in helping those who cannot afford medical services.

    D. Truthfully

    B. Probably 

    A. Fortunately                             

     C. Objectively

  • Q5

    Which of the following statements agrees with the issue on Promoting Physical and Mental Health While Staying at Home?

    C. Surely, exercising and bonding with our family are ways to spend our time indoors.

    B. We should responsibly express our comments on issues we read on Facebook.

    D. Clearly, many liked to spend most of their time playing mobile games than reading books.

    A. Without a doubt, people have enjoyed gardening while staying at home.


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