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War of 1812

Quiz by Emily

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    What two countries were originally at war with each other?
    France and Britain
    US and Britain
    Britain and Native Americans
    France and US
  • Q2
    Why were Americans upset before the War began?
    Because the French were teaming up with the Native Americans to gain US land
    Americans were not upset but they didn't want to be involved in Europe's conflicts
    Because the British and the French were trying to have the US get in the middle of their conflict
    Because British were targeting American Merchant ships and capturing the crew
  • Q3
    What is an embargo
    declaration of war
    banning of travel
    a tax on imported goods
    banning of trade
  • Q4
    Why did people not support the Embargo Act?
    Because now it meant they were in a war
    Because they could no longer travel to foreign countries
    Because it caused the Americans to pay more for goods
    Because it hurt American merchants who could no longer trade with foreign countries
  • Q5
    What country began to arm Native Americans?
  • Q6
    What is the name of the Native American leader who was angry at white settlers for taking Native American land?
  • Q7
    What happened at the battle of Tippecanoe?
    The British fought on the behalf of the Native Americans and defeated the Americans
    The Native Americans were defeated and Tecumseh's village was destroyed
    The Native Americans surrendered all of their land
    The Native Americans forced the settlers to retreat and took their land back
  • Q8
    Who were the War Hawks?
    Members of Congress who wanted to go to Britain to fight a war against the British and the French
    Members of Congress who wanted to work on the US relationships with the British
    Members of Congress who called for war because of the British influence on Native Americans
    Members of Congress who disagreed with war because it was an unnecessary evil
  • Q9
    Why did some in Congress oppose the war with Britain?
    They believed that Americans were superior to the rest of the World and should not sink to their levels
    They believed we should work as allies to fight off the French and Native Americans
    They believed the US was not ready to fight a war with the British again because the army and navy were not big/strong enough
    They believed that we shouldn't have to fight a second war for independence
  • Q10
    What year did the War of 1812 begin?
    1810, but it lasted two years so they called it the war of 1812
  • Q11
    True / False-- This was the first time Congress voted to declare war.

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