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Warriors of New Zealand


Grade 5
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    Who are the Maori? 

    European settlers in Australia

    indigenous people of New Zealand 

    indigenous people of Australia 

    indigenous people of Japan

  • Q2

    What forms of art does the author describe in the section “The Art of the Maori?

    furniture, rugs, and clothes

    songs, instruments, and statues 

    tattoos, woven art, and carvings

    paintings, sculptures, and drawings

  • Q3

     Read the following sentences from the text.

    “The European ships brought something else with them that would change the way of life for the Maori: guns. The Europeans used a specific type of gun called a musket. The Maori people had never seen a musket. The musket allowed fighting to be done at long distances. Certain Maori tribes began to trade food and supplies for guns and gunpowder. As a result, some tribes had guns while others did not. This divided the villages and changed the balance of power among the tribes. Beginning in 1807, the Maori fought one another with muskets. Conflicts from the 1810s to the early 1830s became known as the Musket Wars. While no one is sure how many people died in these conflicts, some believe about 20,000 people lost their lives.”

    What can you conclude about the Maori based on this information?

    European trading with the Maori changed the way that tribes related to each other. 

    Many Maori people had friends who lived in Europe and knew how to shoot guns.

    Maori people did not want to use guns, but eventually used them only for hunting.

    European settlers refused to give the Maori guns, so they had to take them. 

  • Q4

    How has the Maori’s use of the haka changed over the years?

    It used to be used to intimidate other tribes in battle, and now it’s used to celebrate Maori culture and to intimidate teams in rugby games. 

    It used to be used as a way to provide music for other tribes, and now it’s used to scare other tribes. 

    It used to be used as a community celebration, and now it’s used as a way to celebrate babies being born

    It used to be used to welcome other tribes to Maori villages, and now it’s used to welcome any new people.

  • Q5

    What is this text mostly about? 

    different sports that are popular in New Zealand, including rugby, water polo, and soccer 

    the history, art, and traditions of the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand 

    the life of Captain James Cook, and the different myths that have been told about him 

    different styles of tattoos, different tattoo artists, and the history of tattoos 


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