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Washington and Adams Review

Quiz by Samantha Haney

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  • Q1
    Who was the first President of the United States
    John Adams
    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q2
    Who was the first Vice President of the United States?
    John Adams
    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q3
    Who was the Second President of the United States?
    Alexander Hamilton
    John Adams
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q4
    Who was the second Vice President of the United States?
    Aaron Burr
    John Adams
    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q5
    In 1796, the Vice President was ________
    selected by the President
    selected by Congress
    The best liked by the American People
    the runner-up in the election
  • Q6
    How did the XYZ affair start?
    The French started seizing American ships headed for England.
    The French tried to take over land in the Northwest Territory.
    The French tried to make a deal with the Americans.
  • Q7
    During this conflict, US diplomats were asked for bribes by French officials.
    The XYZ Affair
    The French Revolution
    The War of 1812
  • Q8
    How did Adams react to the XYZ Affair bribes?
    He was impeached.
    He decided to build up the US navy and army to stop ship seizures.
    He decided to go to war with France.
  • Q9
    Name the THREE things the Alien and Sedition Acts did:
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  • Q10
    Which French Ruler signed the Convention of 1800?
    Ben Franklin
    Napolean Bonaparte
  • Q11
    The ______________ Act targeted immigrants living in the United States, and was supported by John Adams.
    Alien and Sedition
    Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
    Convention of 1800
  • Q12
    _____________ killed ___________ in a dual.
    Aaron Burr killed Thomas Jefferson
    Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton killed Aaron Burr
  • Q13
    Drag and drop the concept into the bucket according to the political party's belief.
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