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Quiz by Lindsay Miller

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Alexander Hamilton's plan for a “national bank” was politically significant because
    it caused the first direct conflict between supporters of strict interpretation versus loose interpretation of the Constitution.
    it triggered the duel with Aaron Burr that eventually killed Hamilton.
    it created the first income tax within the ruling class.
    it helped provide the country's first balanced budget.
  • Q2
    What was the major reason for conflicts regarding domestic issues between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton?
    Jefferson wanted to support Britain in its war with France.
    They disagreed about the power of the Judicial branch.
    Washington's decision not to get involved in the revolution in France.
    Hamilton objected to Jefferson's interpretation of the Constitution.
  • Q3
    What did the Judiciary Act of 1789 establish?
    A federal judicial system composed of district and appellate courts in addition to the Federal Supreme Court.
    A state created law allowing state senators to nominate Supreme Court justices for congressional appointment
    A federal mandated court order providing for the creation of additional positions in the President's cabinet.
    A Constitutional amendment forbidding Congress from passing ex post facto laws.
  • Q4
    In order to get his financial program through Congress in 1790, Alexander Hamilton made a deal with James Madison and Thomas Jefferson to locate the nation's capital to
    to land from Madison in Pennsylvania.
    the agrarian states of Maryland and Virginia
    to the state of Washington.
    to the new creation of the East Virginia.
  • Q5
    Which of the these was a precedent set by the first President of the United States, George Washington?
    the popular election of the President
    naming nine Justices to the Supreme Court
    addressing the Chief Executive as as "Your Highness" Eliminate
    the tradition of only serving two terms
  • Q6
    The Whiskey Rebellion was significant in U.S. history MAINLY because
    the states were able to pass legislation reversing a national tax.
    the states proved that they could nullify federal laws.
    the forces of prohibition achieved a ban on alcoholic beverages.
    the federal government used force to enforce the laws of the land.
  • Q7
    According to this image, to whom was the Farewell Address directed?
    Question Image
    only politicians working in the US government
    only men who wanted to be president
    only those who lived in the United States
    only people who lived outside of the United States Eliminate
  • Q8
    What was the MAIN difference in the beliefs of the earliest political parties?
    the belief in economic practices
    the power of government
    the issue of slavery
    the split with Great Britain

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