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Quiz by Remedios Alejandro

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    Sort the following wastes as to its types.

    sorting://solid| paper, candy wrapper: liquid| flood water, used cooking oil

  • Q2

    Sort the following wastes according to their properties.

    sorting://biodegradable| left over food, fruit and vegetable peeling: non-biodegradable| pet bottle, tin can

  • Q3

    Sort the following wastes according to their effects on human health and the environment.

    sorting://hazardous| batteries, paint: non-hazardous| cardboard, paper

  • Q4

    Sort the following wastes according to their flow on waste management techniques.

    sorting://reduce|plastic bag, styrofoam: re-use| eco-bag, paper bag: recycle| tin can, pet bottles

  • Q5

    Sort the following human activities that destroy our environment.

    sorting://air pollution| smoke from factories, use of products with CFC: water pollution| throwing of garbage in the river, use of dynamite in catching fish


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