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Water Pollution

Quiz by Samantha Lynch

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  • Q1
    Which is true about leach fields?
    They are used to filter septage
    They are used to remove sludge
    The are part of tertiary treatment
    They result from sewage dumping
  • Q2
    Which is true about arsenic?
    It's found in rainwater
    It's discovered by health effects
    It's found naturally in groundwater
    It's cheap to remove from water
  • Q3
    Which is not true about acid deposition?
    Is lethal to aquatic organisms
    It results from mining
    Is treated with limestone
    Is due to burning of coal
  • Q4
    Which is true about mercury?
    It damages the immune system
    It's harmless of methylmercury
    We are exposed through shellfish
    It's most concentrated in herbivores
  • Q5
    Which hazardous material is known to cause cancer?
  • Q6
    What is true about solid waste?
    Is rarely toxic to humans
    It includes coal-burning products
    It's only a problem on beaches
    It sinks to the ocean floor
  • Q7
    What is an effect of water sedimentation?
    It increases photosynthesis
    It decreases oxygen solubility
    It clogs fish gills
    It decreases nutrients
  • Q8
    Thermal pollution is...
    not regulated in the U.S.
    reduced by cooling towers
    rarely lethal
    only a problem in the winter
  • Q9
    What does tertiary treatment of wastewater do?
    reduces sediment
    removes heavy metals
    reduces eutrophication
    removes solid waste
  • Q10
    Where does the water go after it leaves the septic tank?
    a body of water
    the leachfield
    back into the house
    wastewater treatment plant
  • Q11
    What happens to the solid waste that's removed from a septic tank?
    Taken to a fertilizer plant
    Just tossed in the backyard
    Taken to wastewater treatment plant
    Disposed in a landfill

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