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Watership Down vs Saudi Arabia

Quiz by Madi Malcook

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  • Q1
    What 2 issues are seen in both Saudi Arabia and Watership Down?
    Containment of people and racism
    Gender segregation and the containment of people
    Gender segregation and racism
  • Q2
    Why do Saudi Arabian officials attempt to contain their people?
    To protect their religion
    To keep a steady economy
    To keep a peaceful environment and uphold their superior reputation
  • Q3
    What are some laws and rules within Saudi Arabia that showcase the idea of gender segregation?
    All females are required to have a male "wali" or male guardian
    Women are not allowed to drive
    Women in this country are not allowed to go into sports stadiums
  • Q4
    What are the 2 religions competing for dominance between Saudi Arabia and Iran?
    Islam and Hinduism
    Shia Muslim and Sunni Muslim
    Muslim and Jewish
  • Q5
    What 2 warrens in Watership Down fight for dominance and power?
    Honeycomb warren and Efrafra
    Cowslip's warren and Efrafra
    Honeycomb warren and Cowslip's warren
  • Q6
    Who is a typical male guardian for a Saudi Arabian woman?
    All of the above

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