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Watsons Quiz chpts 1-8

Quiz by Stacey Carnell

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  • Q1
    What was the final touch they added to the Brown Bomber? (Joey got to open it)
    Green tree air freshener
    Hood ornament
    Green grass air freshener
    blue cloud air freshener
  • Q2
    What did dad hide from the rest of the family?
    Candy bars
  • Q3
    What could dad not believe about Kenny?
    That Kenny stood up to Bumphead
    That he stole from Byron
    Growing a mustache
    That he flunked his math test
  • Q4
    What is Clutch Cargo?
    a Cartoon
    a Movie
    a Play
    a Book
  • Q5
    What was the surprise under the towel?
    Seat covers
    Record player
    New books
    Green tree air freshener
  • Q6
    What are 45's?
    a shot gun
    the speed limit in Flint
    How old Daddy-O is.
  • Q7
    What song did Kenny pick to play on the Brown Bombers new system?
    Yakety - Yak
    Under the Board Walk
    Jingle Bells
    Great Balls of Fire
  • Q8
    Why were the Watson's heading to Alabama
    To leave Kenneth with Grandma Sands so she could adjust his bad attitude
    To leave Byron with Grandma Sands so she could work on his behavior
    To punish the boys for charging food at the grocery store.
    To go on a vacation

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