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Quiz by שרה ליברמן

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Robert's I.Q. test showed that he .....
    is not smart
    has anormal I.Q.
    is sick
    is dumb
  • Q2
    Why didn't Laurie eat her lunch?
    She wanted to lose weight
    She was disgusted by Robert's eating habits.
    She had the flu.
    She was upset because of the movie.
  • Q3
    David is less upset about the movie because:
    Robert doesn't care.
    It happened many years ago.
    It was boring
    It was horrible
  • Q4
    Why is david taking calculus?
    He wants to be an engineer.
    He is very good in Math.
    Laurie is taking calculus.
    He likes it.
  • Q5
    Why is Amy jealous of Laurie?
    Laurie has better grades.
    Laurie is dating a football player.
    Brian is stupid.
    Laurie has more money.
  • Q6
    Why is Amy afraid when"Principal Owens" knocks on the door?
    She does't like him.
    She is smoking.
    They are not supposed to be there.
    The door shouldn't be locked.
  • Q7
    Why is the team in bad shape?
    Because they take it seriously.
    Because they don't practice enough.
    Because David is playing.
    Because the coach is angry.
  • Q8
    Alex and Carl ....
    don't take anything seriously.
    are teachers.
    are really good students.
    are dedicated reporters.

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