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Waves: Lesson 3 Note Session

Quiz by Garrett Dyer

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Slide 1: Looking at the picture of the ringing bell, what are the high pressure sections of the sound wave called?
  • Q2
    Slide 1: All of the following are other names for "pressure waves" except:
    Transverse Waves
    Longitudinal Waves
    Compression Waves
    Mechanical Waves
  • Q3
    Slide 1: Sound waves require a medium to move from one point to the next.
  • Q4
    Slide 3: Why are soldiers in general ordered to route step (walk out of step) across a bridge?
    To prevent any resonance from occurring at all.
    To dampen the effect of vibrating the bridge at a resonant frequency
    To amplify the effect of vibrating the bridge at a resonant frequency
    To keep soldiers' footsteps quiet.
  • Q5
    Slide 6: The same frequency will NOT sound any different on different musical instruments.
  • Q6
    Slide 6: The amplitude of a sound wave determines how loud a sound will be perceived by the brain
  • Q7
    Slide 6: Use the sound level diagram on the presentation to determine how many times louder a concert is than a police siren.
    110 times louder
    10 times louder
    20 times louder
    Twice as loud
  • Q8
    Slide 6: Use the sound level diagram to determine how many times louder a jet engine is than a police siren.
    20 times louder
    Twice as loud
    100 times louder
    40 times louder
  • Q9
    Slide 7: Is the source still producing sound waves at the same frequency even though it is now moving?
  • Q10
    Slide 8: Which of the following is an example of the Doppler Effect?
    A man standing on a stage playing a guitar plays higher and lower pitch notes while you sit and listen.
    Your friend sitting across the lunch room yells at you to get your attention while you sit and eat your sandwich.
    The sound from a train's horn as it approaches you sounds high pitched, and then the sound goes to a lower pitch when it passes by and moves away from you.
    Your friend Timmy shows up to school the next day suddenly with a lower pitched voice - puberty hit.

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