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Ways in which Sophocles engages the audience with reality of death as response to life experiences

Quiz by natalee lounds

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  • Q1

    Sophocles uses vivid imagery to describe death in Antigone , which of the following best describes how this imagery affect the audience?

    c. Offers a sanitized and romanticized view of death. 

    a. creates a sense of detachment and distance from characters' experiences.

    b } Engenders a inward understanding of death's physical and emotional impact.

    d. Primarily serves as a backdrop for the characters' political struggles.

  • Q2

    The  Chorus in Antigone plays a crucial role in engaging the audience with death. What is their primary function?

    a. To condemn Antigone's defiance and side with  Creon's  authority.

    d. To remain silent and observe the events without offering  any personal opinions.

    c. To provide comic relief and offer lighthearted commentary on the tragedy .

    b. To serve as a collective voice expressing human anxieties and reflecting on mortality. 

  • Q3

    Antigone's acceptance of death as preferable to dishonour creates a significant contrast in the play. This contrast primarily serves to;

    b. Highlights the different values and priorities guiding the characters' action 

    d.  Demonstrate  Creon's superior wisdom and leadership qualities.

    a. Emphasize the importance of personal hygiene and maintaining a clean appearance. 

    c. Show that Antigone is a reckless and impulsive character.

  • Q4

    Sophocles utilizes dramatic irony throughout the play. What is the main effect of this technique on the audience's engagement with death?

    a. It distract the audience from the play's serious themes and offers moment of comic relief. 

    b. It makes the characters seem foolish and oblivious to the impending doom. 

    c. It creates a sense of suspense and anticipation , emphasizing the inevitability of death.

    d.  It reveals that death is merely a temporary inconvenience and the characters will ultimately overcome it.

  • Q5

    The play ends with multiple tragic deaths, including Antigone , Haemon, and Creon's son. This ending primarily serves to; 

    b. Emphasize the destructive power of pride, defiance, and clinging to earthy power in the face of death. 

    d. Focus on the romantic tragedy of Antigone and Haemon, overshadowing the broader themes of death.  

    a. Celebrate the victory of good over evil and offer a sense of closure. 

    c. Introduce a comedic element and offer a lighthearted conclusion to the tragedy.


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