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We said what?

Quiz by melissa thomson

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  • Q1
    Leandro - When I read all the different things that teachers should do, I get overwhelmed by so many strategies and tools we should be using. ________________________ Are we doing all this really?
    That really depresses me!
    That really impresses me!
  • Q2
    It is important to learn some CALP vocabulary, but what I _______________ is that my pupils ask me all the vocabulary. I want them to learn to understand the meaning through the context, and not being all the time with the dictionary. (Ana Belen)
    don`t want
  • Q3
    I think it would be a great idea to let my students know about ___________________ and even preparing a poster for the classroom. They could be more aware of different thinking skills and their importance in the learning process. (Sarai)
    Bloom’s taxonomy
    Cummins Quadrants
  • Q4
    (Ignacio) Honestly, I felt so good when learning that CLIL welcomes the ____________________ in the class because I have found it almost impossible to convince my students to use L1 in those circumstances.
    use of ipads
    use of L1
  • Q5
    (Asier) in my opinion, we are making the students write too many lists, they tend to make learners think that some of the subjects are only memorizing lists after lists. Making them write _____________________________, etc could be a step towards a more significant learning of key words.
    diagrams, schemes, graphic organizers
    short stories
    electronic lists -
  • Q6
    (Maite) one of the actions I´d like to take from now on with my students is to encourage them to create their own __________________ with pictures, examples...
    moodle course
    TV series
  • Q7
    I would like to try more “________________________” interaction in my classroom. . I think it’s important learners get used to talk or perform in public, no matter how good his/her English or physical level is (Miguel)
    learner to learners
    teacher - learner
  • Q8
    (Carolina) I think it is important to get learners to take an active part in classes and ___________, instead of simply explaining things to them, because they feel they are responsible of their own learning process.
    play games
  • Q9
    (Guillermo) I would like to try more “learner to learners” interaction in my classroom as it is a challenge for the learners and increases their autonomy, allowing me to__________________________________________________
    check their understanding by watching their interaction
    chill out
  • Q10
    (Cristina) (about an idioms lesson) In the table they had to complete the different boxes with all the necessary information - to write down the idiom, explain it, write the plot of the sketch, the atrezzo they need, the dialogues... It's a _____________ of organising the information.
    clear way
    fun way
  • Q11
    (Maria Eugenia) Something that is not on the list but which I feel is important for the success of a CLIL programme is ...English teachers and CLIL (subjects) teachers should work ___________________
    in the same classroom
    helping each other
  • Q12
    (Vanesa) Teacher training is very important, most of the times we do it on our own account, so having the support of the __________________________________ is necessary if they want us to be motivated
    our partners
    school or the government
  • Q13
    (Carol) Something that is not on the list but which I feel is important for the success of a CLIL programme is enthusiastic teachers. In my opinion you can't force teachers into this programmes, and you need to keep them _________ and happy!
  • Q14
    (Beatriz) One idea from the section on the three dimensions/4Cs that I particularly liked was the C of ______________, specially speaking about the subject I teach, history
  • Q15
    (Garikoitz) One idea from the section on the three dimensions/4 Cs that I liked was the ____________ dimension as one of the main 3 to take into account when designing a lesson plan.
    thinking skills

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