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Weather and Climate

Quiz by Caity Eason

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What information can be found on the map shown?
    Question Image
    temperature and precipitation
    air pressure and weather fronts
    amount of pollution in the air
    amount of pollen in the air
  • Q2
    Using the tool to below, what weather condition would you measure?
    Question Image
    The temperature
    The wind speed
    The direction of the wind
    The amount of rainfall
  • Q3
    A city has a temperature of 75 °F, with partly cloudy skies. Weather forecasters are predicting that the air pressure and temperature will drop during the day. Which type of weather is most likely for this area in the late afternoon?
  • Q4
    Susan lives in a city where the days are usually very warm. However, yesterday was very cold. Which statement is true about the city yesterday?
    the city had warm weather but a cold climate.
    the city had cold weather and climate.
    the city had warm weather and climate.
    the city had cold weather but a warm climate.
  • Q5
    Based on the chart, how much rainfall should a scientist have predicted for May of 2015 in Spartanburg?
    Question Image
    21 – 26 inches
    15 – 20 inches
    18 – 23 inches
    12 – 17 inches
  • Q6
    Look at the weather map and determine what weather patterns would occur near the H closest to South Carolina.
    Question Image
    The weather will be cool, rainy, and foggy.
    The weather will be stormy, cloudy and unpleasant.
    The weather will be cloudy, rainy and warm.
    The weather will be sunny, warm and pleasant.
  • Q7
    What is the job of a meteorologist? Their job is to study and ______________.
    tell about animals
    predict the weather
    write about history
    draw constellations
  • Q8
    Our principal has told us that it is too cold for us to go outside for recess. Which tool did he/she use to determine this information?
    Rain gauge
    Wind Vane
  • Q9
    Use the graph to answer the question.
    Question Image
    Rainfall remains the same all year.
    Rainfall increases during the summer months.
    Rainfall increases during the winter months.
    It is impossible to predict which seasons will get more rainfall.
  • Q10
    According to the chart, on which day will it most likely rain?
    Question Image

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