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Weather and Climate

Quiz by Sara Garcia

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    The table below shows averages of temperature and precipitation for the past 20 years in an area in the United States. For which of the following would these data be most useful?
    Question Image
    showing the effect of weather on climate
    understanding the climate of the area
    demonstrating the difference between weather and climate
    predicting how the weather will change from day to day
  • Q2
    Caroline's dad is a scientist whose job is to predict what the conditions in our atmosphere are going to be like tomorrow. What sort of scientist is Caroline's dad?
    a chemist
    a climatologist
    a biologist
    a meteorologist
  • Q3
    Look at the climograph below. According to this graph, what is the average rainfall for this area in November?
    Question Image
    60 mm
    50 mm
    30 mm
    40 mm
  • Q4
    Mr. Fox wants to measure the air pressure in his classroom. Which instrument should Mr. Fox use?
    Rain Gauge
  • Q5
    Joseph is tired of the New England weather and wants to move to a place with high daily temperatures and a small amount of precipitation. What sort of a climate should he move to?

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