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Weather & Climate 1: Factors affecting climate

Quiz by Matt Gilberthorpe

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following relates to the distance from the equator?
    Distance from the sea
    Prevailing wind
  • Q2
    Using the map, why do you think Lisbon is cooler than Madrid during the summer.
    Question Image
    Further north
    Distance from the sea
    Prevailing wind
    Ocean currents
  • Q3
    Why is Mont Blanc so cold?
    Question Image
    Prevailing wind - blows from the Actic bringing cold winds
    Latitude - Mont Blanc has a very northerly latitude
    Altitude - the higher you go the thinner the air.
    Altitude - the higher you go the thicker the air
  • Q4
    Why does the west coast of the UK, Land's End, experience lots of rainfall?
    Question Image
    Prevailing winds are north westerly
    Prevailing wind are south westerly
    Prevailing winds are north easterly
    Prevailing winds are south easterly
  • Q5
    Which of the following best links to weather...
    day to day
    30 years
  • Q6
    Who studies the weather?
  • Q7
    What causes the monsoon in Myanmar?
    A fall in temperature
    Ocean currents in the Bay of Bengal
    A change in wind direction from a north easterly to a south westerly
    Clouds blowing over from China with lots of moisture
  • Q8
    What best describes the influence of latitude on climate?
    The higher you go the thinner the air and the colder it gets due to latitude.
    The sun's radiation is focussed on the equator but as you move north or south the radiation becomes more distributed and has to pass through more atmosphere leading to cooler temperatures.
    Latitude causes warm water to flow from the Gulf of Mexico past the east coast of the UK leading to increased temperature.
    The sun's radiation is more intense around the poles leading to lower temperatures around the equator.

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