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  • Q1

    Whatis HTML?

    a) HTML describes the structure of a webpage

    b) HTML is the standard markup language mainlyused to create web pages

    d) All of the mentioned

    c) HTML consists of a set of elements that helpsthe browser how to view the content

  • Q2

    HTMLstands for __________

    a) HyperText Markup Language

    d) HighText Marking Language

    c) HyperText Marking Language

    b) HyperText Machine Language

  • Q3

    What is the correct syntax of doctype in HTML5?

    c) <doctype html!>

    a) </doctype html>

    d) <!doctype html>

    b) <doctype html>

  • Q4

    Which of the following is used to read an HTML page and render it?

    b) Web network

    a) Web server

    d) Web matrix

    c) Web browser

  • Q5

    Which of the following tag is used for inserting the largest heading in HTML?

    b) <h1>

    d) heading

    c) <h6>

    a) head

  • Q6

    In which part of the HTML metadata is contained?

    b) title tag

    c) html tag

    d) body tag

    a) head tag

  • Q7

    Which element is used to get highlighted text in HTML5?

    b) <mark>

    d) <b>

    a) <u>

    c) <highlight>

  • Q8

     How do we write comments in HTML?

    c) </……/>

    a) </…….>

    d) <…….!>

    b) <!……>

  • Q9

    Which of the following elements in HTML5 defines video or movie content?

    a) <video>

    d) <media>

    b) <movie>

    c) <audio>

  • Q10

    14. Which of the following is not the element associated with the HTML table layout?

    c) size

    a) alignment

    b) color

    d) spanning

  • Q11

    Which element is usedfor or styling HTML5 layout?

    b) jQuery

    d) PHP

    c) JavaScript

    a) CSS

  • Q12

    Which HTML tag isused for making character appearance bold?

    a) <u>content</u>

    c) <br>content</br>

    d) <i>content</i>

    b) <b>content</b>

  • Q13

    Which HTML tag is used to insert an image?

    c) <img src=”htmllogo.jpg” /> 

     a) <img url=”htmllogo.jpg” /> 

    d) <img link=”htmllogo.jpg” />

    b) <img alt=”htmllogo.jpg” /> 

  • Q14

    Which character is used to represent when a tag is closed in HTML? 

    c) / 

    b) ! 

    a) # 

    d) \

  • Q15

    Among the following,which is the HTML paragraph tag?

    d) <a>

    c) <hr>

    b) <pre>

    a) <p>


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