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Quiz by Margarita Galon

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  • Q1

    An Examinee arrived without a laptop and the laptop cannot be delivered. 

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    ATL shall decide if the Examinee will be given a back-up laptop

    Examinee will not be allowed to take the exam.

    ATL to immediately escalate to the BCO

    VES must first verify identity of the Examinee

  • Q2

    If the identity of the  Examinee who failed to bring their laptop is verified and the Examinee contacted their parent to bring the laptop to the venue. Her parents took too long, thus examinee was issued a back-up laptop, but then her parents arrived and examinee requests to retrieve their personal laptop, may they be allowed to do so?

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    ATL may allow examinee to retrieve their laptop as the last resort, but must notify the examinee that they must go through the whole security process again.

    Yes. The SH/ASH shall accompany the examinee in retrieving their laptop.

    No. Absolutely no exceptions. 

  • Q3

    The smooth ingress of your examinees into the LTC is ongoing. The SH finds a reporter conducting interviews and his videographer taking video of the interview. What is the correct course of action? 

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    SH should report the matter to ATL. ATL/AATL to escalate the matter to the Bar Chair’s Office for BCO’s decision.

    The SH/ASH should request the assistance of the PNP to stop the reporter from interviewing the examinees lined up outside the LTC. Afterwards, ATL/AATL to report the incident and course of action taken to BCO through the Operations Dashboard.

    ATL/SH shall allow the reporter to continue the interviews and videos within a reasonable distance from the LTC, unless they interrupt the smooth ingress of examinees to the LTC. In such instance, SH should politely request the reporter that any interviews and taking photos/videos should not hamper the ingress of the examinees. Afterwards, ATL/AATL to report the incident and course of action taken to BCO through the Operations Dashboard.

    The SH/ASH should personally approach the reporter and stop them from interviewing the examinees lined up outside the LTC. Afterwards, ATL/AATL to report the incident and course of action taken to BCO through the Operations Dashboard.

  • Q4

    In getting your team’s food supplier, how may quotations should your team needs to secure for liquidation purposes?





  • Q5

    How will your team be able to transport back the supplies to Supreme Court?

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  • Q6

    What is the first security station?

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    Health Check

    Identity / NOA Verification


    Temperature Check

  • Q7

    In case there is flooding that restricts the ingress/egress of examinees and personnel what shall be done initially? 

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    Ask the LGU for boats or shuttles to ferry examinees and personnel

    ATL to ESCALATE the matter to the NHQ

    Give umbrellas and raincoats to examinees

    AATL/VC shall coordinate with LTC point person and DRRMO, as the case may be, as to flood control measures and how to transport examinees and personnel to and from the LTC

  • Q8

    In case of a power outage, the ATL should ESCALATE the matter to the NHQ immediately. Is this statement True or False?

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    True or False
  • Q9

    The ATL of an LTC in NCR called for a meeting on September 18 to discuss the events that transpired during the first Bar day—one of the campus security personnel tried to claim Bar allowances.

     The FH in charge of distributing allowances refused to give allowances to the campus security personnel.  Is the FH correct? Why?

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  • Q10

    During that meeting (Sept. 18 Meeting), one of the LTC team members suggested that they buy food, and the other team members agreed. The hungry team member then approached the ATL and asked for cash advance money for the food. How should the ATL respond?

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    ATL asks FH to issue an RER to cover the meals.

    ATL asks the FH to circulate an Attendance Sheet to allow team to get from their CA.  ATL then gives the FH the Official Receipt for the meals.

    ATL turns down the request as the meals for such meeting is not one of the authorized expenses chargeable from their CA.

  • Q11

    At 7:37 a.m. an Examinee raises her hand requesting to be allowed to go to the lavatory. 

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    P / HP should not allow. Examinees have been notified of the 2023 Bar Exam Protocols, including the rules once the first bell has rung. 

    P / HP should notify a Runner who shall then escalate the matter to the local headquarters. ATL is given the discretion to decide on the matter. 

    P / HP should notify the FS of the matter. FS shall decide. 

    P / HP should allow if it is an emergency. P should accompany the Examinee. 


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