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Wednesday POTD

Quiz by Jayme Moore

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    In which number is the value of the first 8 ten times as great as the value of the second 8?
  • Q2
    A newspaper reporter wrote an article about a recent football game. 8,749 people attended the game, but the reporter rounded the number to the nearest hundred in the article. Which number did the reporter use?
  • Q3
    Mr. Wilson saves $600 each month. How much money will he have saved after 6 months?
  • Q4
    Which statement best describes the multiplication sentence 54 = 6 x 9?
    54 is 6 times as many as 3
    54 is 9 more than 9
    54 is 6 times as many as 9
    54 is 6 more than 9
  • Q5
    Wyatt buys 4 tickets to a show. Each ticket costs $16. How much does Wyatt pay for the tickets in all?

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